The missing map that every explorer needs

Tracestrack helps you manage where you have been and plan where to go.

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Categorize your traces. Filter what you want to see.

Seven common types of traces are defined: Walking Cycling Running Driving Railway Waterway Flight. Different types are marked with different colors. You can select which types to show on your map.

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Mark your places. Visited or yet to be.

Mark locations as Visited or Want to visit. Then you know where to go during your next trip! Tracestrack will also automatically count the countries you visited.

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Secured by Apple's iCloud. Your data is safe.

Your data is processed at client side and saved in iCloud. We have no server handling your data. Apple made apps, such as Photos, Notes, Contacts, Messages, all use the same iCloud technology as Tracestrack does. Without your credential, even the developers cannot access your data.

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Tracestrack is open source! Star and fork on Github

Starting as a hobby project, Tracestrack is becoming bigger and bigger. If you happen to know javascript and react, please help contribute to the project at @react-tracestrack. If you want to report a bug or feature request, please take a look at the Issues.